Ecomapping, EMAS easy, ISO easy : Your smart environmental toolbox for small business

This Portal is “your toolbox” to help introduce sustainable development into the reality and day-by-day operations of small and micro SME’s worldwide.

Small and micro-businesses are the backbone of the world’s economy. They are innovative and create jobs and wealth. But, they have to observe more and more requirements in the marketplace from customers, governments and other stakeholders. These requirements are increasingly packaged in ISO standards and, increasingly, in European Community regulations. The world market and its supply chains is requiring more and more compliance with these international standards.

This can be a complicated requirement, may cost a lot of money and the diversion of internal ressources. We provide creative solutions to tackle this because we understand the reality of small and micro-businesses. Keep it simple – that is our slogan and leitmotiv when it comes to management standards for small business.

Our international network of sustainable management consultants and organisations dedicated to business improvement in small and micro-businesses drive this portal.

We are happy to share our tools, experience and project insights with you!

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