EMASeasy methodology available in 12 languages

With the maxim ’10 people, 10 pages, 10 days’, EMASeasy is designed with small and micro businesses in mind. It is based on the Eco-mapping© concept, where the business is mapped – in terms of both location and internal processes – to identify its environmental aspects. Using simple and sequential tables and prompts, smaller businesses can develop an Environmental Management System (EMS) and either register for EMAS or achieve certification to ISO 14001.

EMASeasy is typically facilitated by a consultant in clusters of, perhaps, five to ten organisations and, apart from the simplicity that the visual mapping process offers, it has proven to be an excellent tool in developing environmental understanding. It has also been demonstrated that certification bodies can achieve certification or verification in clusters in a shorter time than that normally taken.

EMASeasy has been developed by Heinz Werner Engel, executive director of the Belgian based consultancy, Eco-Conseil Entreprise and supported by DG Environment.

To download the EMASeasy methodology in 12 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Finish, Russian, Hungarian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian), just visit the following website. Other languages will be available soon.


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