The Partners

Innovation happens when you put very different people around the table

For the Content of environmental and sustainable management

Eco-counselling Enterprise ECE is a European-wide cooperative network focusing on sustainable management, with emphasis on environmental issues. While the company was legally constituted in 2002, a number of associates started collaborating in 1987, the Year of the Environment. More associates joined the informal network around the preparation of the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio.

For the creative IT and data management

ALEAUR is our IT partner in Paris. Since 1987 ALEAUR has introduced customizable solutions that you can install straight to your firm’s Web portal.

They develop easy, practical and user-friendly IT solutions for Internet, Extranet and Intranet applications. Their services deliver functions that integrate easily and seamlessly onto your intranet. They provide flexible options to adapt to the needs of very different user communities. Among their key references are web portals focusing on environmental management and communication

They are the wizards behind Ecomapping and ISOeasy on line