The Portal

Your entry point to the unique knowledge and tools provided by our worldwide network of environmental and sustainability managers.

The people supporting these tools are consultants for small business and organisations supporting small and micro-businesses with smart, adaptable tools and participatory approaches.

The portal gives you access to best practices in environmental management in smaller organisations. You will find tools for the implementation of ISO 14001 and EMAS standards, our international events calendar, news and a lot of other helpful resources.

Tools and methods focuses on the simple and innovative concept of Ecomapping and its evolution into certifiable management systems for small business, Emas easy or ISO easy, our on-line toolkit and some popular, pragmatic publications on indicators and reporting.

Projects and Trainings will provide you with insights into activities going on in the network in enabling small business and consultants to improve their environmental practise.

Actors – the place to find our networks and the international institutions taking up, using and promoting our tools.

Inspirations identifies a number of people who do not recognize or quote us but use the concept.

Useful links will take you to places where resources can be found.