Our projects

What are our projects?

‘Our projects’ means the projects which have been initiated by us or are executed by our company, ECE. They are all financed through public funding.

They focus mainly on capacity building around the two key concepts we have developed – Ecomapping and EMAS easy or ISO easy. They are also very often workshops for sector-specific adaptations of the tools, or for the creation of institutional capacity in, for example, chambers of commerce, for their internal counsellors. Some examples include :

  • DBU project: „Simplified environmental management for SME according to european example“
  • Emas easy in small recycling companies in a Belgium Ressources NGO
  • Capacity building for consultants in new Member states using EU funding
  • EMAS Toolkit on line for EU commission, DG Environment
  • SMART program for CDE in Africa and Caribbean
  • ISOeasy in food transformation sector Arpe Toulouse France
Our projects :
  • Experiences with Ecomapping ;
  • EMAS easy support programs ;
  • Sustainable Development projects.