What is Ecomapping?

Ecomapping is a creative tool that helps small companies to implement environmental management , ISO 14001 and EMAS. This visual and practical tool helps SME managers and employees to analyse and manage the environmental performance of small companies and craft industries.

The purpose of Ecomapping is to provide small companies and organisations with a free, visual, simple and practical tool to analyse and manage their environmental behaviour. It involves making a map of an organisation’s site, for example, a shop floor, a workshop, an office, a community centre to create an understanding of an organisation’s current environmental situation.

Ecomapping is not a goal in itself, but a process framework that helps to define and prioritise environmental problems and issues to act upon. Once completed, Ecomapping can serve as the basis for a wider environmental management system.

Ecomapping has several functions as :

  • an inventory of environmental practices and problems ;
  • a systematic method of conducting an on-site environmental review and audit ;
  • a tool that allows employee involvement and participation ;
  • a support for training and awareness, and to assist with internal and external communication ;
  • an easy way to document and track environmental improvements ;
  • a catalogue of immediate small positive actions.