Private companies

Which companies were inspired by the Ecomapping?

A number of private companies have been inspired and used the tools. Some used our tools without referencing the source even without having asked upfront whether they could on a commercial basis. We’ll let you judge on the issue of intellectual piracy. However, successful models always have been copied. We say innovate don’t imitate


Hemmis is a Flemish software developper. The enterprise works on applications related to the environment on a broad sense. It uses the more recent but still economically thought-out technologies in order to achieve it s projects. As part of their refernces Hemmis as developped an “EMAS server” based on the methodology of Ecomapping. This software is designed to collect, process, manage and present the environmental and security datas.

Maten is Snappen

“Maten is Snappen” are training session provided to the Flemish entrepreneurs. It is supported by Furgo, a Belgian firm specialized in the environmental en geological solutions, by the Chamber of Commerce of Mechelen and by the Flemish Community Presti Program. It proposed a training on the reduction of environmental costs. The methodology exposed to make a risk inventory was based on Ecomapping methodology.

Biznesa Konsultantu Grupa

BKG is a Lithuanian consultancy firm based in Riga. It proposes differents services related to the management systems. A part of their management system solutions is oriented towards the SMEs. The offer includes trainings on the use of Ecomapping, EMAS easy and ISO easy.

Wagner Print Consult

Wagner Print Consult is a company that is active in Germany, Chile and Costa Rica. The enterprise use the Ecommaping in order to anticipate future legislation requirement in Latin America. The next step will consist in implementing the enterprise environmental management system.


IHOBE is a company historically active in the field of waste management that extended its core competence to other environment related areas in the early 1990. IHOBE is now a driving force for environmental change among the different areas of society in the Spanish Basque Country, especially in industry.

The company developped a industry oriented service, Ekoscan, to help companies to begin the implementation of their Environmental Management System. At the same time IHOBE set up related standards (Ekoscan Standards) and certifying bodies. The methodology of the Ekoscan service is inspired by the Ecomapping methodology.