What is EMAS easy?

EMAS easy is a new approach based on Ecomapping. It was developped to help SME’s to process an environmental management system (EMS) grounded on their baseline assessment.

The challenge of EMAS easy was to adapt the proven concepts of Ecomapping into a certifiable EMAS and ISO 14001 without loosing the simplicity. The EMS process still had to be adult learning oriented and needs to cluster several small companies because all have to share the easy and simple documentation system.

EMAS easy is a way to implement EMAS which is proportional to the size, financial capacity and organisational culture of small business. It assists, using a number of new features, with compliance with ISO 14001 and EMAS but still focusing on what matters – environmental protection on the shop floor.

Emas easy is delivering EMAS in ten days , with ten people on ten pages. The work process from, Start to End, takes 30 steps.